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We pride ourselves in the outreach our work has had

From a large bank in Stockholm, to a small ecological development in Tulum, we always bring exceptional quality regardless of company size. We are a graphic design studio based in Puebla, México.

Founded by Íñigo López Vázquez in 2015, we specialize in crafting websites, typefaces, brands and printed matter. Our work has been recognized by the Type Directors Club and The Art Directors Club in New York. 

Write us at for upcoming projects and job inquires.

12 sur #2916
Puebla, 72530


Branding & positioning
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Brand Consulting
Logo Design

Graphic design
Editorial Design
Book Design
Marketing Collateral
Signage / Wayfinding
Typeface design

Cross-Platform Digital Solutions
UI / UX  Web Design
Digital Publishing

Art Direction
Product Photography

Our process

01. Kick off

We start with a kickoff meeting. During this time, the client tells us everything we need to know about their company, its goals and vision. This helps our clients describe their ambitions so we can understand the full picture.

ILVZ Estudio -

02. Research

With all the information collected before, we run our own research. We will look at what others are doing and what is missing from our client’s offering. This research helps us shape a strategic roadmap that will conduct us to the right look and feel for the company.

03. Story

A brand story is one of the most fundamental elements for a brand today. This story becomes a strategic script that forms the link between a brand, its product and consumer.

ILVZ Estudio -

04. Identity

Once we have established the brand’s story and tone, we focus on the look and feel. Here we create all the visual assets that will become the company’s core identity. All of our proposals will take into account how the brand will grow and evolve over time.

05. Presentation

After we have finalized our designs, we present them to you! We will walk through our proposal and our thought process. Finally, with your help, we will add the finishing touches (if needed) so your brand can get out into the world.

ILVZ Estudio -
ILVZ Estudio -


ADC’s The One Club for Creativity
2019, Nunchi typeface

Type Directors Club
2015, Ivrea typeface

Our work has been featured in:

· Visual Journal
· The Brand Identity
· Under Consideration
· BP&O
· Awwwards

Our team

ILVZ Estudio -

Íñigo López Vázquez
Direction & Design

ILVZ Estudio -

Adriana Anaya Chávez
Documentation, Press & Design

ILVZ Estudio -

Mariana Luna de la Cruz
Design & Social media

ILVZ Estudio -

Diego Cervantes Zeledón
Web developer


ILVZ Estudio -


ILVZ Estudio -


ILVZ Estudio -


ILVZ Estudio -


Currently working from home
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ILVZ Estudio -

Write us at for upcoming projects and job inquires.