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ILVZ is an independent graphic design practice based in Puebla, México. Founded in 20015, we specialize in crafting unique brand identities and bringing a global outlook.

We pride ourselves in the outreach our work has had and bringing a boutique approach to our projects. From a large bank in Stockholm, to a small ecological development in Tulum, we always bring exceptional quality regardless of company size or budget.

We believe in timeless design that is characterized by its clarity and ability to go beyond trends.

ILVZ Estudio -

01. Kick off

We start with a kickoff meeting. During this time, the client tells us everything we need to know about their company, its goals and vision.  This helps our clients to describe their company so we can understand the full picture, such as the company’s challenges, purpose, strengths and more.

02. Research

With all the information collected during the kickoff meeting, we run our own research. We will look at what others are doing and what is missing from our client’s offering. This research helps us shape a strategic roadmap that will conduct us to the right look and feel for the company.

03. Story

A brand story is one of the most fundamental elements for a brand today.  This story becomes a strategic script that forms the link between a brand, its product and its consumer.

04. Identity

Once we have established the brand’s story and tone, we focus on the look and feel. Here we create all the visual design assets and often make different versions that are inspired by the company’s core identity. All the visual identities will take into account how the brand will grow and evolve. 

05. Presentation

After we have finalized the identities, we present them to the client. Together, we walk through the different options and explain our strategic thought process so that the client can chose the best branding solution for their company.

ILVZ Estudio -

ILVZ Estudio -
ILVZ Estudio -

Brand consultation & strategy

Kick off sessions and brainstorms help us create brand strategies that drive value and interest into your company. Our concepts show audiences you have what they want.

ILVZ Estudio -

Brand identity

We match a unique set of features – your logo, typeface, icons, colors, and voice – to the core of your brand, leading a memorable brand “language” to materialize. This is what translates your unique voice to the world.

ILVZ Estudio -

Website design

Our UX/UI-based designs flesh out your brand’s digital frame. They work seamlessly across the full span of digital channels.

ILVZ Estudio -

Art direction & production

The highly visible and appealing product photographies we produce make your product a unique and meaningful experience.

ILVZ Estudio -

Advertising campaigns

We take your brand to the next level by creating innovative and bold campaigns.

ILVZ Estudio -
ILVZ Estudio -


ADC’s The one club for creativity
2019, Nunchi typeface

Type Directors Club
2015, Ivrea typeface

Our work has been featured in:

  • Visual Journal
  • The Brand Identity
  • Under Consideration
  • BP&O
  • Awwwards

We would love to hear about your project, please get in touch and tell us all about it!

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