ILVZ Estudio, is a graphic design studio based in Puebla, México. Started at the end of 2015 by Íñigo López Vázquez, we create visual identities, typefaces, websites and printed matter. Our work has been recognized by the Type Directors Club in New York (2016).

Write us at info@ilvz.net for upcoming projects and job inquires.

Members in order of appearance:
Íñigo López, Mariana Luna, Diego Cervantes, Adriana Anaya, Mónica Jiménez and Frida López.

12 sur #2916
Col. Ladrillera de Benítez
Puebla, México, 72530



ILVZ Estudio - Flatfile #4

Flatfile #4

Flatfile #4: Labanotation by Rudolf Laban.

ILVZ Estudio - Oca’s website

Oca’s website

Geometric illustration used in the Guía oca website.

ILVZ Estudio - Warlo #2

Warlo #2

Illustration used in the identity for local warehouse Warlo.

ILVZ Estudio - Hamak Hotels

Hamak Hotels

Illustration of the Cartesiano Hotel in Puebla. Used for the branding of Hamak Hotels.

ILVZ Estudio - Flatfile #3

Flatfile #3

Flatfile #3: illustration of the Gestalt Law of Continuity

ILVZ Estudio - Video editing software

Video editing software

Flatfile #2: screenshot from a video editing software